White Vinegar worked for my Anal Warts!!

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White Vinegar worked for my Anal Warts!!

Postby NewDiagnosis » Wed Jan 09, 2008 1:48 am

Ok, so I wanted to report my progress with Vinegar for the treatment of my anal warts. I was feeling frustrated because they were still there even after cryotherapy.

Prior to home treatment I was being treated by a nurse practictioner at a sexual health clinic for free with cryotherapy. It seemed to sort of work, but the warts were definately still there even though she said that since they were "so small" they would disappear with one or two treatments.

I decided that white vinegar and apple cider vinegar (ACV) are the same thing. I looked at their acidity levels and they are both 5% acetic acid, which is the compound which kills the wart.

What I did was, squat over a hand mirror and soak a cotton ball with white vinegar and stuff the cotton ball into my anus. (The squatting helps to get it in deeper since mine were beyond the opening along the ring).

I then placed some tissue paper over the area to absorb the dribble of vinegar and pulled up my pants.

I then watched tv for 60 min. It burned pretty badly, it felt like a fire sensation down there. I knew I would not be able to keep it there for more than 60 min. I did the same thing the next day and it ended up real raw and sorta bleeding. So i laid off it for a few days and repeated. I have been taking multi vitamins and green tea pills also.

Im happy to report that the warts seem to be gone after about 4 treatments in about 2 weeks. I do seem to have itching though, that was way intense when the area was raw and burnt. But now that the area is healed the itching has died down considerably.

Im not sure what the itching means. But Im happy to report so far that the white vinegar did the trick, that cryo didn't. Just make sure that you get a cotton ball soaked so its really wet and when you stand up, your ass should form a nice moist area around the ball, so that the vinegar can work.
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You are so brave, I am inspired

Postby chadwik » Sat Jul 19, 2008 2:10 pm

Wow, that sounds so intense--I was actually thinking about trying the same thing! I'm a gay male bottom who wants my life back

With my first diagnosis I had rectal surgery a couple months later to remove some larger warts I could really feel obstructing the area after I learned aldara wasn't for internal use online and that internal anal warts require surgery t remove. (even though I'm double insured I have had incredibly poor medical care! I couldn't even go back to my favorite doctor who first diagnosed and gave me cryo on the small genital warts--said insurance would reimburse them if I could have gone to my school's clinic which was stupid because my small school doesn't do chronic treatment/management lik cryo, only diagnosis and small problems!)

Anyway, two months later they've returned and the second surgeon (I moved) said they'd spread considerably--lots of diffuse small warts that he actually couldn't treat all in one surgery and I'll likely have to do another.

...sounds innapropriate to post here but I blame the dildo and butt plug I bought thinking they'd help me wait out clearing the infection. They were too wide and stretched me, tiny tears all over that turned into tiny warts! gah... akwards to describe to your doctor. TAKE HOME POINT, be careful--fighting the infection away is your FIRST PRIORITY.

I've started ACV treatment of the genital warts yesterday and they look great, I'll keep you updated, way better than cryo or aldara so far. I'm gonna take green tea extracts, figure it can only help.

Its so hard because I was diagnosed a year after my first encounter, before I even came out to my parents! I'm not promiscuous and have always desired a long term relationship where its safe to share the deeper intimacies of barebacking but if something doesn't break with these anal warts that may never happen!

Kepping positive and praying for a breakthrough! Would love some support and inspiration, share your story!
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Oh.. akward question

Postby chadwik » Sat Jul 19, 2008 2:15 pm

Yo guys, another question that seems really awkward but I'm hoping someone knows... can you stretch yourself you know, down there, with a dildo too far that you become loose for things... too loose for your partner, not as tight...

Its a week after the surgery so maybe its due to that, but I think I may have prolapsed my rectum some on the toilet a couple times. Is this normal after surgery or might I have "damaged" myself with the dildo? (2.25 inches in diameter...)

I realized gay male bottoms and anal warts are in the minority here, but hey, maybe I'll get lucky.
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Sex life is a mess after HPV

Postby thien » Mon Nov 24, 2008 1:56 am

I first kind of felt the wart on my bum about a year and half ago. I wish I could have done something earlier since I thought it was quite abnormal.
Oh well, through out the the years, I smoked and well not really well taken care of or not really took good care of my health, the wart has become warts. I know we're all on the same boat and I just wanna share how I really really feel and what I'm going through.
Anal sex had one day become so painful because of the growth of the warts. It used to be pleasure and all, but now, I can't even allow myself to go have sex because it will get hurt later and will take couple days to heal, plus the warts would just get worse.
As my sex life's gone down hills, I got quite upset and frustrated, I tried quite a few things, vinegar did work but yes as others mentions, it's a bit of a pain in the ass, I would try it again though. I tried Aldara, and felt like shit for more than a month, did not work. I tried Wartrol which is sprayed into your mouth, well a bottle doesn't help with any noticable result. I just ordered Wart Cream online. Let's hope this cream somewhat work well.
It's been hard for me since I really like anal sex and can't live without it for a sometimes, so treatments kept being interrupted which wasn't good. Wll part of it because when you're on any kind of treatment, your skin get so raw and sensitive but man, sometimes you just need to get fucked and that's all it was.
Anyway, I'm planning to really pay a visit to my doctor at the end of the month and hope that he'll refer me to a specialist to get these warts burnt off with electrical device. I have heard good feedback from people who have used the treatment instead of laser in both healing times and price range.
Oh did I mention I QUIT smoking? These warts did me well, I quit smoking with hopes that they will go away and men, it was hard to quit but I did it. You all should quit any habit that might affect the quality of your immune system, you gotta have strong immune to fight back these viruses.
I must say, I really wish that I had it taken care of when it was just a wart. But yeah wishes don't come true.
I will pray for you all to find your best solutions to this matter as I hope you will pray for me too.
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Re: White Vinegar worked for my Anal Warts!!

Postby adventurer123 » Fri Sep 13, 2013 2:05 pm

i am a patient from China, recently just found out i got internal anal warts. Doctor said the internal anal wart is the hardest warts to heal. The growing environment is providing them to grow. I also did some research, found out some patients in china got cured, and most of them had those warts burnt off with electrical device for several times. so i think the first step for healing it will be burning them off, and when they come back, burn them off again. until they never dare to show up. at mean time you will need to boost your immunity. eating well( none spicy, none oily, more protein, more vitamin) and Rest well. when it is not showing up again in 3 months, 6 months and 1.5 years, it is healed then. i am still on my way to heal it. i had anal sex after i felt it( it was itchy sometimes), so i fingered myself, i found there are so many small dots in my ass. until i went to the doctor found out its anal warts i stopped sex, because i don't want pass it to anyone, also it's getting worse. When you have anal sex you will break your Anorectal, because the warts and anorectal are so fragile. the virus will spread to healthy part. i will keep my post until they are cured. hope it will help anyone in the future.
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Internal (and external) Anal Warts

Postby mitch » Wed Jan 29, 2014 7:31 am

I hope this topic isn't dead.. I just returned from a dr office (specialist for rectum) and he said that I have internal anal warts, but didn't specify much. He told me to have an appointment on monday at another dr, she is more specialized in this field (std's i guess) so I made an appointment and hope she'll be nice and tell me more information.. (I live in Belgrade, Serbia, medical care is free here and the dr's are good but they don't have a lot of equipment in all facilities, so I hope that they can remove my internal warts with electric device or whatever, I really don't want to have a surgery for this..)
BTW, I am also a gay bottom and am EXTRA careful, never had sex without protection, so I guess condoms are not so safe when it comes to HPV.. :/

Also, when it comes to putting soaked cotton up in your butt, aren't you afraid it will get inside and stay there, and if that happens how can you take it out? :O
Maybe it's easier to take it out if you soak a tampon?
Hope to hear some replies soon! :*
Love from snowy Belgrade!
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