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Postby HealthJunkie » Tue Mar 30, 2010 3:53 am

OK, I started using bleach as a treatment. You might think I'm stupid, but I've done my homework.
I waited almost a year before I finally decided to use it. But eventually did when no other
treatment was effective. If its found on the internet I've done it, plus taking herbal formulas.
I think the herbal formulas would work, I just need to get he correct herbs and take it longer, but
I am anxious for results. For me if I don't see results in 1 week, its not an effective treatment in
my mind. Most chinese herbs work for other problems very good, but warts are a whole new area. They are
the most stubborn of all and in my mind require extreme measures. I'm not going to wait around for
them to get worse. All the other treatments including ACV were not effective, as they kept coming back after
a month and required long term exposure to ACV (over 3 to 5 hrs soak) and was painful.

Bleach is very toxic, no doubt about it. But the fact is, it will literally kill anything. My research tells
me bleach or sodium hypochlorite is actually something the human body's neutrophils produces naturally
to kill viruses or bacteria. Yeap, your own body produces bleach. I'm on the 3rd day of using
bleach and I can already see results. Its still early, but it looks like the bleach is very effective
in the genital area because the skin is not thick. On the hands, its different. I tried it on the hands
with little effect, but on the genitals it absorbs easily.

REF: ... leach.html

It also is not a carcinogen based on scientific research and long term exposure. It breaks
down into salt and water.

If you plan on using it, make sure you open the window and keep fresh air in the room. Although the fumes
are irritating to the lungs, I don't believe it causes long term damage. Just get plenty of air.

1st/2nd day: Used full bleach concentration w/qtip
- it stung abit, but I could feel the pain almost like it was ripping right through the warts, like it
was killing them deep down. Pain went away quickly. If it was too painful, I just wiped off the bleach and
pain went away. I could see the wart starting to melt away. The wart started to shrink. (Do
not panic if you get a brown residue. Its the bleach mixing with blood iron, oxidizing it. Bleach
is a strong oxidizer. It will not last long. My guess is its, the guts of the Wart coming out. This
only lasted for a little bit and I did not get it anymore).

3rd day: diluted it 50% with pure water.
- applied to it and this time pain was barely noticeable. This dilution is better for longer term treatment.

4th day: warts continue to shrink. so far, happy with results. will apply 2-3/day. Added Zinc Sulfate solution
rinse to the program. After the bleach dries, I pat dry, and apply the Zinc Sulfate Solution and let it
dry. (solution is: 12.5 grams (or .875 tablespoon) in 1/2 cup pure water.) This is a 10% solution
I got from the research papers they used that was very effective when used for 2 months as a wash.

5th day: warts continue to shrink. alternating with full bleach off and on to make sure they are getting full killing and deeper penetration. full
bleach is a little painful but pain goes away after about 20 seconds. I think it is necessary though to get in deep.

Additional Supplements Taking Daily with Meals: Magnesium (Taurate)(1), Vit A 25K IU(1), Zinc (Pincolate)(1), Mega Vita "1 and Only." - Pure Labs(1), Fish Oil(1), Drinking Green Tea 2x daily, Mega Green Tea Extract 98% polynomols (1), Virgin Coconut Oil (1 tablespoon mixed with hot water) 2x day.

Salads: 1,2 daily
Fruits: 3-5 servings fruits, with loads of bananas.
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