Genital warts from diaper change? Interesting question...

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Genital warts from diaper change? Interesting question...

Postby brightseraphim » Fri Mar 09, 2007 4:40 pm

So, when I told a friend of mine about the genital warts, she came out with her own story. She said she's always had a natural susceptibility to warts and, as a matter of fact, has some genital warts herself. She said she had them on her butt... but she didn't specify whether it was around the anus or just... on the skin of her cheeks or something. I dunno, I guess that would make a difference. She said that she's pretty much always had then, and that she contracted them from her dad when he was changing her diaper as a baby. She said she's been prescribed creams to treat them, which she offered to share, because they are specifically for genital warts. (I declined... I'm gonna go get them frozen off. Quicker that way, I assume...) So, my question is... Have you ever heard of such a thing? Can you contract warts in the genital area from exposure to warts on someone's hands? How does it work if your significant other has a wart on his hand and goes to finger you? lol. yeah. interesting questions.
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